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Winners announced for the "30 Years With(out) Democracy" competition

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The Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture (IDMC) with the support of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) organized the conclusion of the creative competition "30 Years With(out) Democracy" in the Visual Arts and Multimedia categories.

The competition aimed to repoint the focus on the developments of Albanian democracy since 1990 with the first protests against the communist regime in Shkodra, Kavaja and Tirana, the exodus of Albanians on 2 July 1990 and the challenges that remain to date. More than 100 young people introduced their reflective work on past mistakes and their vision for a better future in Albania.

The award ceremony took place online via the Zoom platform, on 8 December 2020, on Youth Day, 30 years after student protests over the fall of the communist regime.

The competition was greeted by IDMC director, Dr. Jonila Godole and director of KAS, Dr. Tobias Rüttershoff, who praised the symbolism of Youth Day and the creativity of young participants in the competition.

"These young people have covered through their chosen topics many of Albania's challenges in 30 years of democracy."

Jury representatives, Adi Krasta (moderator), Julka Gramo (moderator), Rozi Kostani (actress/director), Shpeng Bengu (painter/artist) and Dr. Jonila Godole (journalist/researcher) gave personal impressions on the experience in the competition and the works presented to them. Mr. Krasta congratulated the young people and expressed appreciation for the initiatives that support their creativity. Mrs. Gramo expressed enthusiasm that the Albanian youth continue to "live", active and ready to seize the opportunities offered to them. She thanked IDMC for the space and support it gives to young people as the hope of the country. According to the well-known art lecturer Mr. Bengu, some of the works in the competition without a doubt could compete internationally.

The jury awarded 9 prizes:

  • First Place (Multimedia), Anton Kola a 21-year-old from Shkodra for "Ad Infinitum".
  • First Place (Visual Arts), Gledisa Golikja a 22 year-old from Tirana for "Mosaic of Democracy".
  • Second Place (Visual Arts), Erjeta Cara a 15-year-old from Durres for "30 Years with / without Democracy".
  • Second Place (Visual Arts), Era Tafa a 19-year-old from Tirana for "Decommunism".
  • Third Place (Multimedia), Ergi Dedja a 16-year-old from Elbasan for "1990–2020–2050: Albania as it was, as it is and as it could be".
  • Third Place (Multimedia), Sajdi Thana a 16-year-old from Vora for "A Country Stuck in the Past".
  • Third Place (Visual Arts), Arens Ibrahimi a 21-year-old from Tirana for "Chaos".
  • Social Network Prize for Livia Tafa a 16-year-old from Durres for "30 Years of Democracy".
  • Consolation Prize for Marjo Çeça a 17-year-old from Kashar for "How to Confront Propaganda in 2020?".