_______________________10 Oct. 2017____________________

Unë Dëshmoj, an IDMC and KAS project

IDMC encourages all Communism witnesses to share their personal or family stories so the younger generation does not forget.

_____________________21‒22 Sep. 2017___________________

Workshop: Reporting on the Sigurimi Files

This workshop aimed at training journalists to learn how to report, contextualize, and interpret the documents of the Secret Service during the Communist regime and on which sources to rely on.

_______________________12 Jul. 2017_____________________

Terminologu Komunist

Terminologu is a multimedia project that aims reflection on the Communist past of the Albanian young people, born after the 90s, through language, terms, habits, and phenomena that were part of ideological indoctrination.

______________________16 Jun. 2017_____________________

Screening: Children of the Dictatorship

IDMC organized a meeting with the students of Aleksander Moisiu University in Durres. They had the opportunity to engage in a discussion with a contemporary witness of the dictatorship era, Simon Mirakaj.

______________________26 May 2017_____________________

Topography of Terror

The participants were given the chance to talk to a contemporary witness of the dictatorship, Gjet(o) Vocaj, a former political prisoner in the former prison of Spaç.

_____________________6‒7 May 2017______________________

Topography of Terror

IDMC in cooperation with the Association of History Teachers of Albania and ChwB organized a study trip to the former prison of Spac and the sites of memory in Shkodra.

____________________21‒23 Apr. 2017____________________

Urban Memory: How to Do Things with Cities

The workshop series Urban Memory: How to Do Things with Cities closed in Tirana on April 21‒23.

______________________7 Apr. 2017______________________

Screening: Children of the Dictatorship

After being screened in Tirana and Elbasan, "Children of the Dictatorship" documentary was screened in Gramsh.

______________________4 Apr. 2017______________________

Annual Report 2016

2016 was a successful year for IDMC, whose work has deepened in the process of dealing with the communist past and the dictatorship and raising awareness of the society of its consequences until the present.

______________________8 Mar. 2017______________________

A minute of silence for persecuted women

On 8 March, IDMC Platform of European Memory and Conscience calls for a minute of silence for the millions of women who fell victim to the Communist dictatorship.

_____________________3–5 Feb. 2017_____________________

Urban Memory: How to Do Things with Cities

IDMC in collaboration with Vlora Youth Centre organized on 3‒5 February 2017 the Urban Memory: How to Do Things with Cities, a series of workshops planned from IDMC in Vlora, Korca and Tirana.

______________________27 Jan. 2017______________________

Conference & Workshop: "Jews in Albania"

On the Holocaust Memorial Day, "Jews in Albania: Crossed Perspectives" was organized. The first part was conceived as a scientific conference and the second day as a workshop with young people.

_____________________10 Dec. 2016______________________

Topography of Terror III

In the context of Topography of Terror, IDMC organized on 19‒20 September a study trip in the memory sites of Tepelene, Gjirokaster, and Lushnje.

____________________24‒28 Oct. 2016____________________

Days of Remembrance: Memory as a Mission

Under the motto Memory as a Mission, IDMC and Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS) in Tirana will organize on 24‒28 October 2016 the "Days of Remembrance".

_____________________29‒30 Sep. 2016____________________

Tirana Reads 2016

Tirana Reads 2016 comes as a reading marathon for the second time in the frame of Tirana Literature Festival. The event started on September 29th, preceding September 30th, the World Translation Day.

____________________19‒20 Sep. 2016_____________________

Topography of Terror II

In the context of Topography of Terror, IDMC organized on 19‒20 September a study trip in the memory sites of Tepelene, Gjirokaster, and Lushnje.

_____________________25 June 2016_____________________

Dr. Godole honored with Diploma of Gratitude

Dr. Jonila Godole, Executive Director of IDMC, has been awarded a Diploma of Gratitude for her work and contribution in "historical memory" by Shkodra-based Association of Former Political Persecutees in Albania.

_____________________20 May 2016_____________________

Literature as a Place of Memory

The two-day activity entitled Literature as a Place of Memory was conceived as a way of discovering the role of literature in the dialogue about history, its place in the collective memory and the education of future generations.

_____________________18 May 2016_____________________

"Ask Your Grandparents" Competition

IDMC today announced the creative competition for Digital Storytelling, Ask Your Grandparents, for all young Albanians living locally and abroad, aged over 18 years. Deadline for submissions is 18 September 2016.

_____________________14 Apr. 2016_____________________

Dialogue of the Generations

The network of history teachers seeks to foster constructive discussion and reflection about the importance of dealing with the communist past in Albania.

_____________________11 Mar. 2016_____________________

Public Policy and Governance

The training on Public Policy and Governance, from the series of workshops and seminars which will be held also in Shkoder and Vlore, aimed to improve the understanding, knowledge and political skills of youth.

_____________________24 Feb. 2016_____________________

Memory Alive – Dialogue about the Past

The documentary Memory of a Country that Forgot to Forget aimed to encourage the youth to reflect on the communist past because it could help them to better project their future.

_____________________18 Feb. 2016_____________________

Topography of Terror

This book is a product of the 1st International Conference on Media and Memory "Covering the Communist Past – Media Transformation and Memory in Albania," held in Tirana on 9‒10 November 2015.

_____________________9 Feb. 2016_____________________

Annual Report 2015

In 2015, IDMC focused in exploring of training and educational opportunities in three directions: Political education; effective communication; and the strengthening of the collective memory.

_____________________8 Feb. 2016_____________________

Albanian Observatory of Memories

An online platform that aims to keep alive the collective memory of Albanians and recall in them the tragic history of communism, in order for the past not to be repeated.

_____________________10 Nov. 2015_____________________

International Conference on Media & Memory

25 years have passed since the fall of the Stalinist dictatorship in Albania, and it is time we examine the role the Albanian media and journalists played on the societal reflection on the country's past during this period.

_____________________22 Oct. 2015_____________________

"Born in the '90s" Winners Announced

Born in the '90s: Explore the Past, Create the Future! a creative competition for young people, has successfully crowned its ten winners in the following categories: Essay and Literature, Multimedia, and Visual Arts.

_____________________9 Jun. 2015_____________________

Born in the '90s – Explore the Past, Create the Future!

The "children of democracy," born in late 1980 and early 1990 have little to no recollection of the first years of transition.

_____________________29 Apr. 2015_____________________

Memory Alive

For a society, memory is not only one of the fundamental pillars of today's, but it also lays the grounds for its future.

_____________________7 Apr. 2015_____________________

Web-Politics in Electoral Campaigns

Understanding political communication on the Web is especially important during election campaigns, for instance in the upcoming local elections.

_____________________28 Feb. 2015_____________________

Youth & Politics: Left or Right

The goal of "Youth & Politics: Left or Right" is to help improve the political processes in the country with modern democratic and political concepts.

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